Thursday, September 22, 2016

Abraham Lincoln: American Badass

Statue of Abraham Lincoln Holding Broken Chains.
Lincoln Standing Tall... 

Abraham Lincoln: American Badass.

7/1/2016 Justin Arn

I'm not going to lie or mince words out of some manufactured sense of patriotism on this one. I am an American. Sometimes I'm happy about that, and sometimes I'm not. We do things BIG in America.  We take our National Heroes and make giants of them:  Romanesque Stone Giants

White Figure of Marble Abraham Lincoln.
Lincoln sitting.... 

Staring at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. imbues one with an inevitable sense of one's own smallness. But the fascia power symbols our Lincoln bedrapes his spindly  hands upon can do little to augment the lack of fierceness portrayed in our 16th president. 
His posture is almost too comfortable beneath the great 'temple' where he holds his court. Indeed, the words behind the ex-president almost give away the game itself:   

Lock the mans' memory up.  Let it not escape or be spoken of in any way other than this. 
This President is no man-of-action. This is a man of power and thought.  A wise and reflective man given to action only in the last moments, when fate swings in and demands the deeds of a god to correct the blunderings of mortals.  That is the Abraham Lincoln we are inured to.
It is easy to feel insignificant next to the massive stone-man who was once president. But perhaps his memory wasn't fully caged.  Perhaps some small part of it escaped the marble tomb and headed for freedom in another direction... 

This Abraham Lincoln is Black in the middle of Tijuana
This Lincoln has had enough of you!

Abraham Lincoln is gripping broken chains with the Sun behind him.
Honest Abe is Bringin' it Hard! 

Because standing in the middle of downtown Tijuana is another version of that man. A version that doesn't make you feel small. No, no,...
The Abraham Lincoln on Paseo de Los Heroes -literally the 'Way of the Heroes,'- that Lincoln makes you feel like... a pussy.

This Man aint screwing around...

Look up at the gaunt and blackened figure of Honest Abe gripping broken chains in his now metal fist!

This isn't the masonic D.C. Abraham Lincoln; this Lincoln is a Bad-Ass! This Lincoln won the Civil War. This Lincoln is  about two things: kicking ass and scratching out names, and you can see by his face there ain't many names left.  This Lincoln carries a message in those benighted eyes that stare, ironically,  north toward the very union he helped keep intact. And that message is 'Watch the Fu$× Out!'
Because this Abraham Lincoln is bringing the pain...

The Pain of Righteous Justice. 

By comparison with this hulking and furious advocate for human freedom, that poor stone-man sitting in Washington D.C. seems all the poorer.  No one follows a sitting stone-man. They follow the chain-ripping metal gear El Presidente whose eyes stay permanently fixed on the target. The bad mother-fu$×er who would just as soon break your arms as veto a bill.

A FREEDOM FIGHTING SOB who cuts the hands of those who attempt to bribe or buy him.  An unco-opted symbol of all that is great and moral in humankind. 

I prefer the Lincoln on Paseo de Los Heroes. 
You will too. 
- j