Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Yahoo reveals billion email Hack.

Largest hack to date revealed one year later.  


Yahoo, currently in buyout negotiations with Verizon made an untimely admission about the extent of its security problems.  Over 1 billion users had their email addresses and personal details stolen rom the company servers.

The online giant makes this disclosure after it already admitted being the victim of an entirely separate theft of 500 million email addresses earlier in the year. 

The only real question remaining is; who still has a Yahoo account? 

Without doubt, one of the most infuriating aspects of this is the complete disregard with which Yahoo has handled the situation. Not only were the company's security protocols ineffective, but apparently its attitude regarding user information was reckless as well.  

Not admitting to the theft unti now, a full year later reveals the extent to which user information is barely blip on the corporate radar for our largest tech companies.  

The truth is that until users demand that their privacy be respected and also punish via boycott those companies who fail to respect it, our tech giants will continue to treat user information and concerns as an afterthought. 

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