The Mandela Effect? or just another psyop?

August 2016 - by Justin Arn

Kennedys limousine with five cars and police motorcycles just behind.
JFK's 'vehicle' and Motorcade

I was not yet born in 1963, the year that John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  My Mother was only eight years old at the time, as a matter of fact. These circumstances are key to understanding what it is occurring right now, and how the events of that day are no longer what they were. Or so it seems.

The number of people who were alive, aware, and in a proximity close enough to have even a shred of information about what may have happened on November 22, 1963 is shrinking.  As they pass from this world to another, the truth becomes, not only more obscure, but more irrelevant. You may think that I'm speaking of the "truth" about the assassin(s) or something like that, but in fact what I'm speaking of are the supposedly "basic facts" of that day.

I suppose I have always been a bit of a conspiracy buff. I watched Oliver Stone's "JFK," at a very young age, and at some point in that movie reason broke free, and I was left to confront a maddening, and frightening possibility: that perhaps sometimes the bad guys win. After watching the film, I read a few books about the murder.  I don't remember who the authors were but I do remember a few facts of the case that I have carried with me ever since.

  1.  The "magic bullet" theory hypothesized by the Warren Commission, that single bullet was the cause of so much damage seemed not only unlikely, but downright unreasonable.

  2. The Zapruder film appears to show the president being shot from the front. However, the actual frames of the film appear to have been altered or spliced in such a way as to obscure something relevant. It is that fact more than the conjecture that precedes it that I believe to be more relevant.

  3. According to testimony of the Bethesda Doctors who admitted President Kennedy after his body was flown back from Dallas, the entire affair, from receiving the body, through surgery and autopsy, was, in their words, sh*!show.

  4. The apprehension, public spectacle, and on-camera death of the only suspect in the case was so out of the ordinary, so contrived, executed in such a way, as to leave any reasonable person with the conclusion, that if Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in the assassination at all, it was at most as a bit- player in a much larger and deeper plot.

I revisited the JFK murder several more times in my life; in my early 20s and again in my very early 30s. In addition to being subjected to countless documentaries on the topic, I also took some time reading the Warren Commission findings including individual testimonies.

Let's be clear, this is not an  attempt to convince you my reader, of any particular hypothesis regarding the conspiracy that occured in 1963. Honestly, I have no theory. The various inconsistencies in evidentiary procedure, witness testimony, and so on renders anyone claiming to have such knowledge a fool at best.

I am saying I know what I remember, and this is not it:

Where did that partition come from?

I remember four persons in Kennedy's Lincoln Continental:

  1. John F Kennedy
  2. Jaqueline Kennedy
  3. Governor Connally of Texas
  4. Another individual, a driver who did not belong to the Secret Service.