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UPDATED 1/5/2017 Justin Arn

Stone frieze shows God gifting man with knowledge.
Search like a God!
The most important skill in today's world; a world in which data, information, and knowledge move  about freely from screen to eye, from answerer to questioner, from teacher to student, from the knowing to the unknowing, via the digital medium; the most important skill one can possess is knowing how to ask the right question, and ensuring your answer is most accurately correct, and that it is delivered in the most efficient manner. Using a single search engine for all purposes and all questions, is tantamount to attempting to explore the world but never setting foot outside your own little country.

Legal Domestic Propaganda has created and maintains an Encylopedia of Search Engines specifically to encourage readers to add variety to their knowledge stream. The Encyclopedia is updated regularly but given the speed of tech creation and deprecation, the Encylopedia may never be truly complete.

Nevertheless, we hope you find utility from it. 

Search Engines: 


Science & Academic:

Tor & Deep Web: 

  1. Hidden Wiki (list of .onion directories)
  2. Tor Library
  3. Tor Dir
  4. TorLings
  5. DeepSearch
  6. DuckDuckGo
  7. The Abyss
  8. Tor Search
  9. Torch
  10. DeepLinks

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