Sunday, August 12, 2018

Deceived by Design

August 2018 - by Justin Arn

A rather good introduction to the techniques and subterfuge employed by tech companies to fool users into giving up their privacy was produced by the Consumer Coucil of Norway

Legal Domestic Propaganda hosts a copy of it below, or you can download it here.

Metanoia Films

August 2018 - by Justin Arn

Scott Noble has produced an incredible series of documentaries which you can find at

The films are offered free via Vimeo and the series illuminates topics ranging from the history of the CIA and Counterintelligence, to the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the philosphical justification and substructure of our current social, economic, and political systems.

The following is part one of four in Noble's Counter-Intelligence documentary.  This opening segment, entitled "The Company" examines the history of CI in the United States

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Mandela Effect? or just another psyop?

August 2016 - by Justin Arn

Kennedys limousine with five cars and police motorcycles just behind.
JFK's 'vehicle' and Motorcade

I was not yet born in 1963, the year that John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  My Mother was only eight years old at the time, as a matter of fact. These circumstances are key to understanding what it is occurring right now, and how the events of that day are no longer what they were. Or so it seems.

The number of people who were alive, aware, and in a proximity close enough to have even a shred of information about what may have happened on November 22, 1963 is shrinking.  As they pass from this world to another, the truth becomes, not only more obscure, but more irrelevant. You may think that I'm speaking of the "truth" about the assassin(s) or something like that, but in fact what I'm speaking of are the supposedly "basic facts" of that day.

I suppose I have always been a bit of a conspiracy buff. I watched Oliver Stone's "JFK," at a very young age, and at some point in that movie reason broke free, and I was left to confront a maddening, and frightening possibility: that perhaps sometimes the bad guys win. After watching the film, I read a few books about the murder.  I don't remember who the authors were but I do remember a few facts of the case that I have carried with me ever since.

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Kennedy Assassination Revisited

April 2017 - by Justin Arn

The Denver Post was one of the only newspapers in the country to report on the President's assassination on the day it happened.  These stills are from the Denver Post Late Edition November 22, 1963. Accessed from microfilm archives located in the Denver Public Library, in Early June, 2017.

The front page of the Denver Post on the day Kennedy was Assassinated
The third page of the Denver Post's day-of coverage of JFK's assassination

Page 4 of the Denver Post's day-of coverage of JFK's assassinationDenver Post Kennedy Assasination page 2

Norman Rockwell's iconic image of JFK appeared on the cover of the April 6, 1963 issue of the Saturday Evening Post. It was recently auctioned by a Museum in Newport, Rhode Island.

An iconic painting of JFK in thoughtful repose, by Norman Rockwell.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Chilean UFO Video shows Chemtrails?

1/7/2017 Justin Arn

A new video has surfaced from the Chilean Navy showing an Unidentified Flying Object over the skies of Chile. The 9 minute video shows what appears to be a hovering bulbous projectile travelling at high altitude.  Investigative Journalist Leslie Kean has written an extensive article on the UFO sighting in the Huffington Post. Kean is less skeptical than most leading scientists claim to be and her work in this area could best be described as "thoughtful."

Not the least interesting feature of the video is that it shows the UFO emitting what appears to be a chemtrail or contrail of some sort. From Kean's piece:

"But there is one additional component that makes this footage particularly unique: “In two instances it discharged some type of gas or liquid with a high thermal track or signal,” the technician stated.   After filming for about eight minutes, the stunning ejection of a massive plume of a very hot material is captured on the video, trailing behind the object.  (The plume blended into the clouds when seen in HD.)"

The video itself can be difficult to watch and Kean recommends doing so on as large a screen as possible.

Who is Leslie Kean? 

Kean's other work at the Huffington Post include:
Author Leslie Kean - caucasion curly haired mid 40s circular glasses
Author Leslie Kean

UFOs and Government Proposing a New Way Forward

John Podesta: Pulling Back the Curtain on UFOs

UFOs Caught On Tape over Santiago Air Base.

Chile releases official study on UFO phenomenon

Leslie Kean generally writes about the UFO phenomenon with respect to Chile and its numerous sightings. She has authored several books about UFOs and one specifically dealing with the US government and its willingness (or not) and  ability to address the phenomenon from a public communications standpoint.