Friday, August 26, 2016

New Media vs. The Alt-Right Movement

8/15/16 Justin Arn

In what I can only describe as a stunning display of political power, Hillary Clinton has just effected her finishing move on the Donald J Trump 2016 Presidential campaign. That power had nothing to do with the strength of her oration as was commonly being reported by the media however. What was on display here was her dominance of the Press.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Monochrome.Exactly how buttoned up has she got the News Media at the moment?
 I am 20 pages deep in a Google News Search of "alt-right." Despite this, i have yet to find an actual site from the so-called-movement. Every search result I get is a hit-piece of 'journalism' designed to frame and define this supposedly new political force.

Unable to find the Alt-right movement, I am dutifully checking each search result for the following, however: