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Chilean UFO Video shows Chemtrails?

1/7/2017 Justin Arn

A new video has surfaced from the Chilean Navy showing an Unidentified Flying Object over the skies of Chile. The 9 minute video shows what appears to be a hovering bulbous projectile travelling at high altitude.  Investigative Journalist Leslie Kean has written an extensive article on the UFO sighting in the Huffington Post. Kean is less skeptical than most leading scientists claim to be and her work in this area could best be described as "thoughtful."

Not the least interesting feature of the video is that it shows the UFO emitting what appears to be a chemtrail or contrail of some sort. From Kean's piece:

"But there is one additional component that makes this footage particularly unique: “In two instances it discharged some type of gas or liquid with a high thermal track or signal,” the technician stated.   After filming for about eight minutes, the stunning ejection of a massive plume of a very hot material is captured on the video, trailing behind the object.  (The plume blended into the clouds when seen in HD.)"

The video itself can be difficult to watch and Kean recommends doing so on as large a screen as possible.

Who is Leslie Kean? 

Kean's other work at the Huffington Post include:
Author Leslie Kean - caucasion curly haired mid 40s circular glasses
Author Leslie Kean

UFOs and Government Proposing a New Way Forward

John Podesta: Pulling Back the Curtain on UFOs

UFOs Caught On Tape over Santiago Air Base.

Chile releases official study on UFO phenomenon

Leslie Kean generally writes about the UFO phenomenon with respect to Chile and its numerous sightings. She has authored several books about UFOs and one specifically dealing with the US government and its willingness (or not) and  ability to address the phenomenon from a public communications standpoint.  

Her "Proposing a New Way Forward" article is most interesting as it explains precisely why Government officials would be unwilling to address UFO issues; essentially, because the questions aren't being asked in a manner that might encourage or even allow them to do so. 

It is strange to me to imagine that an extraterrestrial craft would need eject “hot discharge” in a plume like manner very much resembling chemtrails--or contrails however you think upon such things. That being said, it appears plausible and in fact unremarkable that such an ejecting craft would be unidentified, and because of its purpose would be designed specifically to remain so.  

From what I can tell, the craft does nothing more remarkable than that, and despite its odd shape and ability to elude radar, I don’t find a much of interest in the video purported to be coming out of Chile.  I very much suggest the object and more especially its plume-like ejection be identified for both scientific and ecological purposes and/or dangers, however.

Ms. Kean is established within the current news narrative in a unique niche. She makes up part of a small but growing group of influential writers and commentators within the established hierarchical framework that represent controversial outlooks in a credible way. Dr. Stephen Greer, and former NASA astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell are representative of this group. 

In 2000, Kean's documentation of COMETA, a high level French study that publicly disclosed some UFOs as most probably extra-terrestrial objects, gained her wide notoriety when it was published in the Boston Globe. Her piece was the first such instance where COMETA appeared in a top-ten-daily newspaper in this country, the sign of a "legitimate" news story. 

Reviewing the literature from that time, her piece helped forward the UFO Disclosure movement, a now burgeoning force. It appears that many researchers at that time were optimistic at the promise of such Disclosure. The Paradigm Research Group’s Disclosure Clock was only 70 seconds away at one point. (Interestingly their clock link is now some sort of UFO casino slot promotion.)

Below are some noteworthy sites I found while studying Leslie Kean and the UFO/Extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Speaking of which Integral Life+ may be the most interesting site I came across in examining both Ms. Kean and this particular episode, which is truly saying something.

Scratch that last statement.  I jumped the gun, it seems. Dr. Barry Downing’s review of Leslie Kean’s book on UFOs at The Strong Delusion is by far the most interesting post regarding Kean and the UFO phenomenon.  He had me at “meta-narrative reformation.”

A strangely disc-shaped cloud gives the appearance of a UFO in the sky.

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