Monday, April 17, 2017

The Kennedy Assassination Revisited

April 2017 - by Justin Arn

The Denver Post was one of the only newspapers in the country to report on the President's assassination on the day it happened.  These stills are from the Denver Post Late Edition November 22, 1963. Accessed from microfilm archives located in the Denver Public Library, in Early June, 2017.

The front page of the Denver Post on the day Kennedy was Assassinated
The third page of the Denver Post's day-of coverage of JFK's assassination

Page 4 of the Denver Post's day-of coverage of JFK's assassinationDenver Post Kennedy Assasination page 2

Norman Rockwell's iconic image of JFK appeared on the cover of the April 6, 1963 issue of the Saturday Evening Post. It was recently auctioned by a Museum in Newport, Rhode Island.

An iconic painting of JFK in thoughtful repose, by Norman Rockwell.

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