About LDP

Legal Domestic Propaganda is an information and research webiste. Its purpose is to disseminate factually accurate and thoughtful analysis regarding the events of our world and how we understand them. There are many "Truth-seeker" portals, and avenues whereby ulterior information reaches a slowl awakening public.  It's the opinion of this author however many of these outlets suffer from, either at the outset of their awakening, a terrible shortsightedness, or at some point during their inquiry, fall into some other logical mind trap and lose their way in that regard. 

LDP researches the cycle of power and corruption
 that are inevitable in Human society
As an example of the former, I point to a not insignificant contingent of Donald Trump voters, who, at the time they voted him into office, were quite aware of the truth regarding ISIS, Bashar al Assad, and the Propaganda being foisted upon them as a population in order to keep the war machine going.

These citizens were far more aware than most Americans, educated or not of the propaganda con-game being run through the media regarding gas attacks, fake beheadings, etc.  Understanding what ISIS was and why we created it, lied to our own people about it and used it, was, between 2013-2017 a sign of awakening.

Now however, that same contigent, having seen through the lie of ISIS and the our warmongering in the middle east, in large part believes that Donald Trump can or will reform our political system and wreak justice upon all the smug elitist bureaucrats that have thieved their way through the system conning the taxpayer and little guy. 


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