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Friday, December 30, 2016

Legal Domestic Propaganda


1/1/2017 Justin Arn

Man holds a sign proclaiming 'Dictatorial Democracy' with police in Background
(c/o The Prophet Flickr)
The U.S. is awash in lies! Yes, gullible fools crowd our streets, our schools, and our voting booths  vomiting their worthless opinions upon us at every turn! We are plagued by disinformation,   propaganda, lies,  delusion. 

That is what our media tell us. That is what we hear every day. Generalizations and opinions hurled upon the populace without the faintest regard for anything but the inspiration of emotion. We have heard all of this before, though.  In the 2000s it was terrorists, 90s the Y2K bug, and welfare.  Look back and you will find a lines of thought and persuasive appeal with one thing in common: they want  to excite you.

The choice of sources from which we get our news are  of the highest importance in this new Information Age. How informed--or misinformed as may be the case-- we remain is a direct result of whom allow to influence and persuade us.

Legal Domestic Propaganda is a resource and analysis tool. An Anti-narrative so-to-speak. LDP does not to weave new tales of history or invent wondrous explanations for current events. Its purpose is to help people navigate their way through the bullsh*t, and find their own explanations. Propaganda is used by those with power regardless of their political persuasion. This is anti-propaganda.

Many Alternative News sites debase and degrade all of journalism for propagating the system, and other like reasons. But such a narrow view is is woefully wrong in light of the many valiant journalists in the world that risk life and limb (literally) to expose the truth. LDP honors the organizations and investigative journalists that speak truth to power and represent the credibility that America should expect from its newsmakers. Here are a few of the best: